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Vaping E-cigs and Sore Throats

Ecigs on sore throat
Typical ecig packageFrom talking to many long time smokers one thing they all agree on is that smoking tobacco while you have a cold especially a sore throat is not a fun thing to do. In fact many suggest actually attempting to quit during a cold because the irritation of the sore throat outweighs the nicotine cravings. One thing you can do to kill two birds with one stone is try vaporizing with an electronic cigarette. The liquid vapor is much easier on your throat and the vapor contains much fewer harmful chemicals while still giving you a dose of nicotine.

If you have a sore throat it is due to inflammation and some sort of infection. The chemicals in tobacco cigarettes can irritate the inflamed tissue and prolong and/or worsen your symptoms. Since electronic cigarettes contain far less chemicals and harsh irritants it can be easier for your sore throat to handle. Also it takes a much lower temperature to create vapor than it does to create smoke. This means the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette is cooler and less likely to burn inflamed, irritated skin in your throat.
Electronic cigarettes work by vaporizing liquid. The liquid is contained in a ‘tank’ and is heated by a small coil which is powered by a battery. Once the liquid is heated it turns to vapor, the vapor becomes the delivery system of the nicotine.

Menthol Flavored E Cigs

I always ask people who use e-cigarettes what they experience as far as coughing and sore throats go. They always give a similar answer; ‘It’s not as bad as a regular cigarette.’

This proof follows logic and the physical evidence of vapor versus smoke. I also try to ask people specifically about their sore throats in the winter time. Most everyone I ask reports having a sore throat at some point in the winter and cite cold dry air as irritants along with smoking. Sufferers with winter sore throats will have an extra advantage over smoke because smoke by nature is very dry while vapor is moist.

Another question I try to ask folks is they notice their sore throat goes away sooner when using an electronic cigarette. They usually say that it does, which also makes sense but to have actual testimonials is very interesting and valuable. You may wonder why I spend so much energy on asking about sore throats; this is because almost every smoker deals with this issue. Search the internet for smoking and sore throats and you will see that plenty of others are inquiring about the issue. Getting data right from user’s mouths helps distribute accurate and useful information.

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Tar is another ingredient in tobacco cigarettes that cause inflammation and mucus production in a healthy throat, imagine what is does in a throat where inflammation and mucus production are already apparent. E-cigarettes release no tar in the vapor making them even easier on the sensitive tissue in your throat.

Vapor is much more tolerable for a smoker with a sore throat. The vapor contains no tar and is created by a lower temperature than smoke. Vapor also contains fewer harsh chemicals not including tar such as cyanide, ammonia and cadmium. Also vapor is moist where smoke is very dry making them more tolerable in the harsh winter months. All of these reasons contribute to all the users I speak with reporting that e-cigs not only irritate sore throats less but they are less likely to cause sore throats and sore throats heal faster when using e-cigs over tobacco cigarettes.

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