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Quit smoking with electric cigarettesElectric cigarettes, better known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have gained mass support from both users and health care providers. As electric cigarettes become more main stream and integrated into society, the question of whether or not they are safe has to be addressed.

Electric cigarettes look very similar to regular tobacco cigarettes, glowing tip included. They even provide the user with nicotine, but the similarities stop there. Electronic cigarettes are a much safer alternative to regular cigarettes as they do not contain any of the over 4000 harmful chemicals associated with cancer and other diseases.

Electric cigarettes work on the basis of heating up and vaporizing a liquid called e-juice, which consists primarily of 3 main ingredients: water, flavoring, and nicotine. The “smoke” produced by electric cigarettes is actually just harmless water vapor. It does not produce any harmful second hand smoke, nor does it leave any awful cigarette smell behind.

Are electric cigarettes good for you?

No, but are they safer and healthier for you compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes? Definitely. The fact that we know how many harmful chemicals are inside of tobacco cigarettes that are known to cause cancer and other diseases but yet they are still legal is confusing to say the least. On the other hand you have electric cigarettes which have no links to cancer proven by any study which are actually helping people quit smoking, yet certain groups are trying to put a stop to them.

Now that the big tobacco companies are starting to get into the niche of electric cigarettes, the process of fully integrating them into the mainstream could become that much quicker. As they are much safer alternative to traditional tobacco products yet still provide the experience of smoking, unlike nicotine patches or gum, the switch will be very easy to make for most people.

If anything, electric cigarettes can be thought of as an another alternative to stop smoking products like nicotine gum or nicotine patches. All of these products accomplish the same task of providing the user with a controlled amount of nicotine without the added chemicals of regular cigarettes. For hundreds of thousands of cases of preventable smoking related cancers and illnesses, the solution could be a simple switch to electric cigarettes.

  • http://neitshade.wordpress.com DaveD

    There are other health benefits too.
    When I was rushed to hospital with acute glaucoma, the doctors who treated me were delighted that I had switched to ecigs, as tobacco smoke is a real problem for eyes.
    Later, I had to have an operation, and the anaesthetist told me half the staff of the eye clinic used ecigs. Maybe not an official endorsement, but an endorsement of sorts, nevertheless!