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How to Make E-Cig Juice


Electronic cigarette liquid is simply water, E-liquid base, flavoring and pure nicotine. You can create your own liquid at home in order to save money and have your own unique flavor. This process may take some practice to perfect but may also be rewarding to those who figure it out.

grape flavored ecig cartridges

You will need several ingredients to get started such as; Food grade propylene glycol or vegetable glycol, this is the ingredient that produces the visible vapor. You will also have to buy food grade, high temperature resistance and water soluble flavorings. Flavorings that have sugar or oil and are only room temperature resistant are not suitable for electronic cigarettes. Then you will need e-liquid nicotine for the active ingredient.

You can also add distilled water if your wish in order to control the thickness of the vapor. Do not use water right from the tap because it could contain chemicals that you don’t want vaporized into your lungs.

You will put about 10%-20% of the flavoring into the e-liquid base depending on several factors. You will need to use an online calculator to figure out the exact amounts.

Experiment with different amounts of water for different vapor thicknesses. As well you will need to experiment with how much flavoring to add depending on the strength of the nicotine. The higher the concentration of nicotine, the more flavoring you will most likely want.

Do not mix large batches of e-juice unless you are certain it is going to be what you want. If you do not mix it correctly it could be counterproductive and actually cost you more money. This process will most likely cost you a bit of money to dial in. After you have the mixture perfected you could save a lot of money by making your own e-juice.

Making electronic cigarette juice requires several ingredients you will need to purchase online. You can find calculators online as well to help you figure out the ration for your mixtures. Although this process may cost you some money at first, you could save in the long run.

If you are not confident about your abilities to make your own e-juice, you should just opt to purchase the pre-made stuff. This is the safest and easiest bet. It may cost more money but you will have piece of mind that the ratios are perfect and also safe.

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