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Electronic cigarette second hand smoke

2nd hand smoke from ecigs
Smoking traditional cigarettes is not only harmful to those who smoke, but to others around them as well through second hand smoke. So, what about the smoke from electronic cigarettes?

Well the interesting thing about electronic cigarettes is that there is no smoke. The “smoke” from electronic cigarettes is in fact just harmless water vapor produced from the e-juice. E-juice only contains water, pure nicotine in varying concentrations, and flavoring. Since there are no harmful chemicals and additives being burned like traditional cigarettes, there is no harmful smoke or carcinogens being inhaled by you or people around you.

Since electronic cigarettes are still a relatively new solution and alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, there’s still much research to be done on the subject. So far though, the results seems promising. Recent studies have shown that the vapor exhaled by users of electronic cigarettes doesn’t contain any nicotine or harmful second hand chemicals in it.

Basically, even if the water vapor is inhaled by a third party, they will not be exposed to any nicotine or other harmful chemicals, even indoors. Any other additives found in the vapor have also been shown to be well below the FDA limits. Traditional cigarettes have over 500-1400 times the harmful chemicals and toxins, where electronic cigarettes only have very limited trace amounts as reported by a study done by the FDA.

The water vapor from electronic cigarettes disperses very quickly, and doesn’t linger around like smoke from tobacco. In most cases even if you “smoke” indoors or even next to a person, it won’t cause any irritation or noticeable smell for them. The vapor from electronic cigarettes is similar to the vapour from fog machines, both in visual appearance and smell. The only difference is the added nicotine which gives the sensation of smoking to the user of the electronic cigarette. That’s not to say that consistently smoking from electronic cigarettes is healthy for you, but it’s a much better alternative to traditional cigarettes which not only harm you but those around you with second hand smoke.

Although there are many anti-smoking groups trying to target electronic cigarettes for “being harmful”, the research is proving otherwise. Many doctors and health care professionals agree that electronic cigarettes are a much healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes; both for those looking for a alternative, and those looking to quit completely. If there is no harmful second hand smoke and it’s assisting people in quitting smoking and getting healthy, then what’s the issue? The FDA and other research groups are still funding research on the full effects and benefits of electronic cigarettes, and so far the results look positive.

Photo credit: Anders Adermark / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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