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Best Tasting Electronic Cigarette

The great thing about electronic cigarettes is the amount of flavors available for the nicotine cartridges. There are disposable e-cigs that don’t have refillable cartridges, but they are also available in different flavors. There are many flavors available for both disposable and refillable electronic cigarettes, from the regular tobacco flavor, up to flavors like cola and cappuccino. The prices for all electronic cigarette flavors are relatively the same, so it’s not an issue of saving money but just finding your favorite tasting electronic cigarette. Some flavors have of course been reviewed and recommended better than others, but it will still depend on your personal preference.

Regular tobaccoAs for taste, there are obviously better alternatives to the regular tobacco taste everyone is already accustomed too. If that’s your preference then you still have the option of using the regular tobacco or menthol flavors. The cola flavor for example is a very popular flavor for e-juice refills, with many positive reviews and recommendations. In fact, it’s probably the best tasting e-cig flavor available right now. For a totally new smoking experience with electronic cigarettes, the taste of the cola flavoring is a must try. The taste is very smooth and sweet, and not harsh at all like conventional cigarettes.

Cola ecig

Since all of the flavors are priced the same, it’s not a matter of saving money with picking regular. It’s all about finding the best tasting electronic cigarette for your personal preference. The cola flavor has been recommended time and time again because of its great taste, so that’s something you should at least try. Since there is no smoke and only water vapor, it significantly improves the taste of the flavor from the electronic cigarette. The water vapor infused with the flavor and nicotine from the electronic cartridge is much smoother and safer alternative to regular cigarettes.

These refillable electronic cigarette cartridges are not limited to certain flavors, as most e-juice liquids will work with all refillable cartridges. Finding the best tasting flavor for your e-cig will probably take a few tries, and who knows, you may have more than one favorite. Try out the cola flavoring if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!

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