Joel Nitzkin

Joel Nitzkin -Photo from R Street Institute.

In the world of electronic cigarettes the million dollar question is; are they better for you than traditional tobacco cigarettes? According to experts like Joel Nitzkin, who is the head of the Tobacco Control Task Force for the American Association of Public Health Physicians, if people switched from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes the overall death toll from smoking could decrease dramatically.

Although the electronic cigarette is still young there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they may be better for your health than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The fact is that electronic cigarettes do not deliver the tar and harmful chemicals that tobacco cigarettes give you.

The DoctorsEven the show ‘The Doctors’ has featured electronic cigarettes as a ‘health trend’. On the show they say that there is finally hope for people addicted to smoking, the electronic cigarette. It is exciting for health professionals to finally have an alternative to share with people who are addicted to smoking. For years they have watched as patients struggle to quit smoking even when symptoms from COPD and Emphysema creep into their lives.

Electronic cigarettes do offer smokers an alternative way to get nicotine without any tar or other of the 4,000 carcinogens found in tobacco smoke.

So if it’s not Smoke, What is it?

When you use an electronic cigarette you are inhaling the vapor of liquid nicotine. The nicotine is heated via a battery operated electrode and then turned into a vapor. The vapor comes in different flavors and gives you the sensation of actually smoking without many of the harmful side effects.

The FDA says that there is no way of telling yet what the health implications are for this vapor, but the fact is we KNOW what the health implications are for tobacco smoke. Which do you want to expose your lungs to?

The big question in the electronic cigarette industry still remains, ‘are they a healthier alternative’. If you look at the ingredients of electronic cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes it only makes sense that they could be safer for your health. Electronic cigarettes use a vapor and not actual smoke that is created from heating liquid nicotine. You should use your best judgment in deciding what you put into your body.